Our inspiration

Diagnosed on Monday with her 5th birthday coming up that Friday, our little friend Ella didn't need to be thinking about the thing in her brain that shouldn't be there, so we put together the party to end all parties. That unforgettable day left such an impression on all involved that we have put together 'The Red Balloon Project' to create events like Ella's for kids who are fighting a battle.

Borrowing from the "Un-Birthday Party" scene in Alice in Wonderland, The Red Balloon Project puts on themed parties for seriously-ill kids, their friends and families to create a memory that will endure. Young children who are battling serious illnesses may miss their birthdays because they are in the hospital or their family may lack the resources to put on a party. They also miss chances to go to their friends parties. We try to replace those missed opportunities with one awesome experience at our parties! We will also send out our Dream Team to your party - read more here.

Your contribution and help with spreading the word will help us do this over and over, for child after child. Help us send their worries up into the sky - like a red balloon! 

Ella at her 5th birthday party
Press play button to watch Unbirthday scene